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Using the Java ACM Package in Eclipse

The Java ACM package (created by the Java Task Force) is a very useful training aid. By importing the package (or portions thereof), we can quickly see the practical utility of Java as a language, even before we have the skill to build complete applications from scratch. The following walk-though demonstrates the proper installation process, […] More »»

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Work Life Channel

The IC’s Case Against Workplace Heroics

Ever work with an impressive crew of brainy and talented tech mavens? I have. Ever feel the need to show you belong despite the feeling of being outclassed in every respect? I have. Maybe I shouldn’t be so ready to admit this, but one of the biggest reasons that I am so happy with my […] More »»

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    A True Fish Story

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi placerat diam purus, sed porttitor orci placerat ut. Nulla sagittis egestas consequat. Aenean sapien quam, dignissim id lacinia nec, aliquam eu sapien. Nullam purus lorem, lobortis sit amet euismod ut, ultrices id mauris. In volutpat dictum lorem, in consequat dolor. Mauris posuere adipiscing neque. Nullam ac […] More »»

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